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APK Extractor Full Version 4.3 Free Download For Android

APK Extractor

APK Extractor for Android

APK Extractor App is very useful as it helps you to regenerate the APK file of the installed Android apps on the device. With APK Extractor you can easily share the APK file through email or can store it in SD card for reuse. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

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1.92 MB


4.0 or Higher Android

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APK Extractor is a useful application that can extract any APK that is already installed on the user’s Android device. It also helps to generate an APK file so that it will be easy to share it afterward in Gmail, Dropbox and on Google Drive. It extracts all the user and system applications and by default, the files will be saved in sd card or in internal memory as the user sets.

The extractor is compatible with Android 4.0 and more updated. By pressing any application, the user can remove or uninstall one or more than that at once. They can even re-install any file just by pressing them. The user can also view the details of any application or even access the store for more details.

It also provides search option to search applications. After extracting the application, the user has two options; they can either extract the link straight so that it can be copied wherever they want or can share it directly from the APK extractor. This will help them to share the downloaded tools further so that the others can access them directly through the link. “APK Extractor” is quite fast and has easy to use interface for the convenience of the users.