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dSploit APK: Download Free Latest Version 1.0.31b for Android

dSploit apk

dSploit 1.0.31b APK

dSploit is a penetration testing suite developed for Android devices. It contains multiple powerful tools to analyze various network transactions. Download dSploit APK below.

Application Details




Utility application

App Size

6.38 Mb


2.3 or Higher Android

    Update history

  • Version 1.0.31b – 30/05/16
Verified and Safe to Install

dSploit APK Download

dSploit APK is a penetration testing suite developed by Simone Margaritelli for the Android operating system. It contains a number of powerful functions that allows the user to analyze, capture, and manipulate network transactions. dSploit APK comprises a comprehensive set of tools which can be used by anyone in order to perform a number of advanced networks related tasks. The user can scan networks for connected devices, identify the operating system, running services and open ports on each device, as well as check them for vulnerabilities.

It consists of several modules that are capable to perform network security assessments on wireless networks. dSploit APK also allows network mapping, password cracking and more. ‘The man-in-the-middle’ operation is used to intercept traffic from a network-attached computer, and mess with it in a number of ways. The user can also completely block all the internet traffic on the computer.

There are a number of other tools such as password sniffers and login crackers, which should never be used for anything malicious. Currently, this application is in beta version, so there may be some bugs present. However, dSploit APK requires at least Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher version, and the device must be rooted

Security Permissions for dSploit

  • Full Network Access: Allows dSploit Apk to create network socket and use custom network protocols.
  • Draw over other apps: Allows dSploit to draw on top of other applications.

Other Permissions for dSploit Apk

  • Read the device Storage: Allows the app to read the contents of the device storage.
  • Pair with Bluetooth Devices: the app is allowed to pair with Bluetooth device to share media.
  • Receive data from Internet:  The app is allowed to receive data from cloud server some appks may cause excessive data use.