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Google Chrome APK Download Version 62.0.3202.73 for Android

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Google Chrome APK

Download Google Chrome APK for Android. Chrome APK is one of the fastest and safest web browser for Android Smartphones. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Google Chrome APK is also available for most of the operating systems.

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46.50 MB


4.3 or Higher Android

Verified and Safe to Install



“Google Chrome APK” is a secure and easy to use web browser specially designed for the Android operating system. This freeware web browser, developed by Google was released in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS and IOS operating systems. Google Chrome brings quick links to the favorite and most recent websites, downloads and Google search and many more features.

Google Chrome APK quickly browses personalized search results and previously visited web pages and also use incognito mode without saving the history to surf the internet. “Chrome APK” features a minimalistic user interface and also allows users to coincide their bookmarks, history, and settings in all devices with the web browser installed.

The user can effortlessly access all the information from any device easily. This application is so designed to provide all the favorite content of the user with just on one tap. Chrome APK also provides touch to search feature to start the google search by tapping on any word or phrase on any webpage.

Google Chrome also keeps the device safe by displaying warnings when the user attempts to open dangerous sites or download malicious files. The voice search finds answers on the go without typing, by using voice anywhere. The Chrome’s data saver browses the web and saves up to 60% of data by compressing text, images, videos, and websites even without lowering the visual quality.