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Tasker APK v5.0u7 Full Version Free for Download on Android

tasker apk

Tasker APK

Tasker APK is an Android automation application which will allow you to program device to perform several tasks on its own. "Tasker APK" helps you to trigger a specific function or use a particular feature in the prescribed scenario. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

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5.15 MB


4.0 or Higher Android

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Tasker APK is an Android application which provides total automation of device from settings to everything. The application was developed in 2010 by Crafty Apps EU. It exhibits the tasks based on contexts like application, date, time event, location, shortcut, Widget, plug-ins and more.

This application provides complete control on the Android device without the requirement for a rooted device or any special home screen. The application allows changing the phone settings and passcode-lock sensitive applications. “Tasker APK” also changes home icons and wallpaper regularly or in specific locations.

The application allows creating a home widget and can zip/unzip application data when an application is installed. Tasker APK can also remap camera and more and can even provide a menu of applications and actions. The user can take a picture from a good distance or even go to the last media path with a long duration press.

Tasker APK also records call times and destinations, though keeping in mind the privacy of the users and also take time-lapse photo series. “Tasker APK” also provides an all-time life-saving feature, i.e. setup birthday SMS to be sent months before even before they happen and much more.