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Download Game Guardian APK v.8.2.1 for Android

Game Guardian Apk

Game Guardian APK

One of the best game hack and alteration tool "Game Guardian" for Android is here for download. The app is frequently tagged with names GameGuardian, G Guardian, GGHack. Download the latest version here.

Application Details




Game Hack

App Size

6.5 MB


4.0 or Higher Android

Verified and Safe to Install


Game Guardian APK

Game Guardian APK is a game hack as well as alteration tool which lets the user modify the content in an offline playing game. To achieve advantages and improvements ‘unlawfully’, the user can change the scores, money, coins, and gems in the game. Game Guardian APK allows to search for score values and once they are found, they can be altered to the desired value. The users can cherish the fun part of the game, despite suffering in its unseasonable design.

Game Guardian APK has a search feature for encrypted values, fuzzy and explicit numeric and address by the mask. The application also provides time escape feature to jump off the particular duration of the game by modifying the internal clock and the device clock also. Game Guardian also requires root access and works on a variety of x86 and ARM Android devices. By hacking game data in system folders, it unlocks cheats like more lives, invincibility and much more.

The application has the user-friendly interface, with different eye candy colors and background themes and supports all the updated versions of the Android operating system. Concluding, the Game Guardian APK is a heaven for game lovers for hacking games. Though it does not encounter online games it allows the users to put coins and money when they r required, even in the middle of the game.

Security Permissions for Game Guardian APK

  • Full Network Access: Allows the app to create network socket and use custom network protocols.
  • Draw over other apps: Allows the app to draw on top of other applications.

Other Permissions for Game Guardian

  • Read the device Storage: Allows the app to read the contents of the device storage.
  • Pair with Bluetooth Devices: the app is allowed to pair with Bluetooth device to share media.
  • Receive data from Internet:  The app is allowed to receive data from cloud server some appks may cause excessive data use.