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Download Monument Valley APK 2.5.16 for Android Free

monument valley apk

Monument Valley APK

Monument Valley is a puzzle game for Android, the game puzzled between different surreal architectural structure that a player can manipulate as per their fantasies. Download Monument Valley APK latest version below.

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4.0 or Higher Android

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Monument Valley APK is a puzzle game developed by Ustwo. It is a visually blissful game with challenging puzzles and appealing sounds. The gameplay need to guide a beautiful silent Princess Ida through an attractive and enthusiastic world.

The game is a surreal architecture and players are also allowed to manipulate the fantastic architecture and impossible geometry. The atmosphere of Monument Valley seems romantic and eye-soothing but the player has to handle the unreal and dark dreamy exploration. The princess relies upon the player to navigate her usually to the top of a series of towers through enormous optical illusions, mysterious monuments uncovering hidden paths featuring numerous places and temples from all around the world.

Each and every monument and temples are beautifully crafted. The player has to outsmart the mysterious crow people. They also have to reshape the world by twisting and dragging. “Monument Valley APK” gameplay is simple, easy to use and yet enjoyable. Monument Valley APK is inspired by minimalistic 3D design and has hard crafted world to explore. The sound pattern is also detailed and lush. The game is completely worth the try with some elegant and enchanting gaming experience.