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Terraria APK v1.2.12785 (Latest) for Android – Download Terraria Full APK

terraria APK

Terraria APK

Terraria is a Sandbox adventure action game for Android devices. Download "Terraria APK" for Android here. The game is very popular worldwide and you will love it, so just download the Terraria Full APK.

Application Details





App Size

49.41 MB


4.0 or Higher Android

Verified and Safe to Install


Terraria APK Description

Terraria is a sandbox adventure action game for Android. Terraria Full APK game is built by 505 Games Srl and is critically acclaimed, best-selling indie adventure game for Android. The player in this game can explore an endless and random two-dimensional world. The “Terraria APK” game is to dig, fight, explore and build. They have the ability to cut off all types of materials in the surroundings to create gadgets. Terraria APK game comprises different worlds which are also different from one another. The gameplay takes place in the floating islands and even in the deepest grounds of the earth. The players will be able to make different tools like shovels, picks, swords, armour etc. so that they can be used further to make another structure such as houses and towers etc.. “Terraria APK” has more than seventy types of monsters on the map and they are supposed to be tackled with the elements designed. A five special bosses gang is also added to make things especially difficult. The players will be provided with 1250+ building/ crafting recipes and 50+ different types of blocks to build anything. The game has fabulous graphical details with proper day/night cycles.

Security Permissions for Terraria Full APK

  • Full Network Access: Allows the app to create network socket and use custom network protocols.
  • Draw over other apps: Allows the app to draw on top of other applications.

Other Permissions for Terraria APK

  • Read the device Storage: Allows the app to read the contents of the device storage.
  • Pair with Bluetooth Devices: the app is allowed to pair with Bluetooth device to share media.
  • Receive data from Internet:  The app is allowed to receive data from cloud server some appks may cause excessive data use.