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This War of Mine APK 1.4.3 + MOD APK Unlocked Download

This War of Mine APK

This War of Mine APK

This War of Mine is a war survival strategy game for Android. Unlike other war games this game focuses on the civilians' life during war and how the main protagonist live among the civilians during the war. Download the latest version of This War of Mine APK below.

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11 MB APK + 450 MB DATA


4.0 or Higher Android

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This War is Mine APK is a war survival theme strategy video game inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War of 1996. The game is developed and published under the banner of 11 Bit Studios. Mostly the war games are all about the front line soldier combat, but as the game title suggests, This War is Mine APK focuses on the civilian experience of war.

The player has to live among the ordinary civilians trying to survive the besieged city. The people are deficient in food, medicine, shelter and are under constant threat from the looters. “This War is Mine APK” includes complete day and night session in which the snipers won’t allow the player to leave the shelter during the day. So, during the daytime, the player has to rebuild the shelter, trade, and care for the other people and during the night they have to quest for vital contents.

The gameplay of This War is Mine APK is set under randomized world with unique characters and distinctive graphics. The player has to survive with the tools and materials the player can find with the characters they control. The characters under the player’s control have no military background or any kind of survival experience. This war of mine is not exactly the fun type of game but is worth to play.